A downloadable game for Windows

Goonslingers is a casual local multiplayer shooter for PC.

It has a dual health system based on the player mass and the purity of it. The health is related to the ammo as the "bullets" are portions of the player mass. 

The videogame allows up to 8 players (8 gamepads or 7 gamepads and keyboard & mouse) divided between up to 4 teams.

This demo contains the core gameplay of the videogame. It comes with one map and one game mode (TD, Team Deathmatch).

It's meant to be a party-game so let's meet some friends and have fun!

We have created most of the assets ourselves, but we used some placeholders to speed up the development in the early stages of the project. We have changed all of those assets for our own ones, however we could have missed some. If you are the owner of any of these assets, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can replace it asap.

Install instructions

Unzip, open folder, then run "Goonslingers Demo.exe" and enjoy!

Don't forget to meet some friends first!


Goonslingers Demo v0.5 win.zip 42 MB

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